Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Ambiguity of Language

This book.

It is a fun read in a my brain-feels-like-mush sort of way. Hitchings quote to ruminate, "All of us, besides using language, comment on it, and we complain about others' usage far more than we applaud it. Where language is concerned, some are engineers, but more of us are doctors" (p11).

I have several agreements and arguments but I will take my seat as someone who has read all of 23 pages.

swev.en [swev-uh n] Noun. A vision, dream
Origin: Old English swefn, akin to Old Norse sofa to sleep, Latin somnus, Greek hypnos sleep

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Arrival and Settlement

We have 5 million neighbors now to love. Even if their driving skills are horrendous.
Any restaurants or stores we could want are five miles from our apartment. Not five minutes, mind you.

I rather like our apartment, it makes me feel spoiled in light of my expectations. It is on the second floor, has a balcony and enough space for us. Our apartment complex is reasonably quiet. There is the singing child, the indecent neighbor, and the couple with a cute curly-haired little girl who live next to us.

Exhibit A: The Content of the Car, UNLOADED 4500 miles later.

Exhibit B: Furniture. And Some Form of Order.

Exhibit C: The Second Story.