Saturday, April 5, 2014

Arrival and Settlement

We have 5 million neighbors now to love. Even if their driving skills are horrendous.
Any restaurants or stores we could want are five miles from our apartment. Not five minutes, mind you.

I rather like our apartment, it makes me feel spoiled in light of my expectations. It is on the second floor, has a balcony and enough space for us. Our apartment complex is reasonably quiet. There is the singing child, the indecent neighbor, and the couple with a cute curly-haired little girl who live next to us.

Exhibit A: The Content of the Car, UNLOADED 4500 miles later.

Exhibit B: Furniture. And Some Form of Order.

Exhibit C: The Second Story.

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  1. Hi! Yay for a blog!!! Fun to see pics! Enjoy the settling and exploring your new turf ! :))