Thursday, July 10, 2014

There & Back Again.

(The abridged version)

One day, not many weeks ago, we put all our things in the car (again) 

and drove to the other side of the United States (again).

A bridge in Baton Rouge. And, yes band-aids drying on the dash.
A generous two inches of water sloshing in the back seat tends to create many wet items.
And a disgruntled transmission.

Many majestic protruding buildings of Dallas.

Funky-cool conservatory-style building of Dallas

Bridge in Dallas. I thought for an horrifying moment we drove to St. Louis.

Intersection somewhere between Dallas and Amarillo.

Cadillac Ranch,
Spray paint graffiti!
Like, in the mud, on cars.

And, quite naturally, we had to sample the local brew.

mmm darkside skittles...

It's a sign! I am sure of it!

Many more miles of brush and sky and road and him and I....

THEN. A giant crack in the earth!

A GORGEous, breathtaking one.

a.k.a. The Grand Canyon

And people are actually dull-witted enough to believe the Colorado River is the master.


Then it was all over.

We drove several more hours, spent a morning apartment shopping, and unloaded all our belongings-thanks to Dad and Mom F. 

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